100 Years of Trinity: Worship

This summer Trinity is celebrating 100 years! That’s 100 years of stories, experiences, individuals, and God’s faithfulness in the life and ministry of Trinity. Leading up to our July 14 celebration, check the bulletin or the blog for stories from Trinity’s history. You might just learn something you didn’t already know.

Did you know that there was a season in Trinity’s history when the morning worship service was translated to Spanish?

Trinity has always been a place that is intentional about making guests feel welcome and at home. This translation option is just one of many examples of the ways that Trinity has adapted to meet the needs of our changing congregation and community. 

Trinity continues to be a church that is open to change. Songs, prayers, and the messages – all biblical and saturated in the Scriptures – have been presented in a variety of ways over the years. There have been traditional services with liturgy, contemporary services, choirs and praise teams, musical plays and choir programs, youth services and children’s programs, choral reading, and dance. 

We have heard testimonies, watched videos, and participated in and celebrated the sacraments. Each service is designed to help each of us to connect with God, others and the world.

While we don’t know what worship will look like at Trinity over the next 100 years, we do know that Trinity will continue to direct all of our worship to our God who is unchanging and faithful from generation to generation.