Ministry Teams | Orange City

Ministry teams are comprised of staff, consistory, and others who call Trinity their church home. Each team focuses on a specific area of ministry (i.e. hospitality, discipleship, finance, etc.). These teams meet regularly to focus attention on their areas of giftedness and passion. Full consistory meets every other month. The responsibility of governance, accountability and support of the staff and church is with the Leadership Team.

    Connections & Hospitality

    The connections/hospitality team exists to help implement connection with one another throughout the life of the church.

    • Staff: Julie Andersen
    • Consistory: Olivia Chapman, Jason Katsma, Liz Moss, Kendall Stanislav
    • Members: Mavis Anema, Joel Carlson, Barb Simmelink
      Sacraments & Membership

      The sacraments and membership team exists to ensure that the sacraments at Trinity are properly administered, to oversee the practical details of communion and baptism, and to help people take steps toward partnering with Trinity as we learn to follow Jesus together.

      • Staff: Ben Vos
      • Consistory: Joan Andres, Susan Veltkamp
      • Members: Jim Mead, Ross Simmelink
        Local Needs - Inreach & Outreach

        The local needs team exists to explore the needs of people in our area and to see how the church can step into those needs, and to build relationships with those in need. 

        • Staff: Barb Dewald
        • Consistory: Russ Adams, Logan Huisman, Valerie Stokes
        • Members: Laurie Ann Anderson, John Buntsma, Sara Nessa, Gina Roberson, Jennifer Schon, Ashley Stanislav, Josh Van Es, Candace Van Marel
          Facility Management

          The facility management team exists to ensure that the physical condition of the property, and its use, pursues the purpose of connecting with God, with others, and with the world. The core functions of this team are caring for the physical facility and property of Trinity, and visioning for the hospitable and welcoming use of our facility and property.

          • Staff: Scott Simmelink, Andy Keller
          • Consistory: Dave Mars, Brandon Miller
          • Members: Dean Calsbeek, Tyler Kallemeyn, Taylor Deegan, Zach Weyer



          The missions team exists to connect the people of Trinity to God’s purposes through prayer, planning and promotion of local, national and global opportunities.

          • Staff: Barb Dewald
          • Consistory: Grant De Nooy
          • Members: Kari Broadway, John Buntsma, Joel Carlson, Marilyn Feekes, Rachel Fernstrum, Heather Hayes, Kris McDonald, Tricia Wiese
            • Staff: Andy Keller
            • Consistory: Jeff Van Der Werff, Amy Wiersema, Jason Katsma, Logan Huisman, Grant De Nooy, Sandi Carlson



            The stewardship team exists to facilitate the oversight of Trinity’s financial resources and help create a culture of generosity and faithful stewardship at Trinity.

            • Staff: Brian Keepers, Laurie Kurtz
            • Consistory: Kim Jongerius
            • Members: Eric Anderson, Mikyla Dittman, John Dykstra
              Visitation & Care

              The visitation/care team exists to visit and serve the needs of the sick and shut-in members of our congregation.

              • Staff: Brian Keepers, Julie Andersen, Barb Dewald, Ben Vos
              • Consistory: Sandi Carlson
              • Members: Anita Cirulis, Nick deVries, Marilyn Feekes, Jake Moss

                The discipleship team exists to equip and unleash people as disciples who make disciples in the world. (sub teams include men, women, life groups, Sunday morning, children, youth, college students)

                • Staff: Kurt Bush, Melinda Netten, Emily Groeneweg
                • Consistory: Tanya Rowenhorst, Sam Winn, Steven Bogaard
                • Members: Shay Davis, Adam Boone


                Leadership Team

                The leadership team exists to provide the governance of the body at Trinity.  This teams sets policy, guides hiring, determines the budget, and seeks to guide the vision and mission of Trinity Church.

                • Staff: Kurt Bush, Brian Keepers, Andy Keller
                • Elders: Russ Adams, Dave Van Den Brink, Jeff Van Der Werff
                • Deacons: Jeff Joiner, Kim Jongerius, Dave Mars
                • Hospers Campus Representative: Naboth Netten
                  Human Resource Team

                  The human resource team exists to guide the creation of the employee handbook and to guide benefits and personnel decisions. 

                  • Staff: Andy Keller
                  • Consistory: Jeff Joiner, Amy Wiersema
                  • Members: Tracy Cleveringa, Brent Jager, Nate Vaas