Trinity's Leadership Structure

Trinity, as a Reformed church, follows a Presbyterian form of governance. This means that Trinity is led by the staff and leadership team, who are accountable to our consistory. Our consistory is all of our elders and deacons, serving a current term, that were first nominated and approved by our congregation. Once approved, these leaders are ordained and empowered to lead our church. This is different from a congregational form of governance in that while the congregation is encouraged to share their voice into decisions of the church, the responsibility and authority are in the hands of our staff and elected leaders.

Biblical Qualifications

Here is a really good summary of biblical qualifications of elders and deacons along with a Reformed perspective on how those roles function within our church.

Ministry & Leadership Teams

Ministry teams are comprised of staff, consistory, and others who call Trinity their church home. Each team focuses on a specific area of ministry (i.e. hospitality, discipleship, finance, etc.).  You can see a full listing of these teams by clicking on the button below.  These teams meet regularly to focus attention on their areas of giftedness and passion. Full consistory meets every other month. The responsibility of governance, accountability and support of the staff and church is with the Leadership Team.

Leadership Selection Process

Trinity's process for selecting leaders begins with the congregation nominating those they believe will lead well.  All those nominated will enter a discernment process with the Nomination Team where together they will see if and where they can best lead.  The Nomination Team will then assemble a slate of new consistory members for the congregation to vote to approve or decline.