Ministry Teams | Hospers

Fellowship & Hospitality

The fellowship & hospitality team exists to help implement connection with one another throughout the life of the church.

  • Consistory: Josh Kramer
  • Members:
      Worship & Sacraments

      The worship & sacraments team exists to ensure that the sacraments at Trinity are properly administered, to oversee the practical details of communion and baptism, and to help people take steps toward partnering with Trinity as we learn to follow Jesus together.

      • Consistory: Eric Evink
      • Members:
      Facility Management

      The facility management team exists to ensure that the physical condition of the property, and its use, pursues the purpose of connecting with God, with others, and with the world. The core functions of this team are caring for the physical facility and property of Trinity, and visioning for the hospitable and welcoming use of our facility and property.

      • Consistory: Tyler Simmelink
      • Members:
          Mission & Outreach

          The mission & outreach team exists to connect the people of Trinity to God’s purposes through prayer, planning and promotion of local, national and global opportunities.

          • Consistory: Pat Mai
          • Members: Emily Johnson, Josh Kramer, Mandi Kramer, Sara Mai, Naboth Netten, Michelle Te Grotenhuis
          Pastoral Care

          The pastoral care team exists to provide care, support, and ministry to various needs and life situations. At present, the team exists to care for individuals who are in care facilities, homebound, hospitalized, undergoing surgery, or navigating critical health conditions and diagnoses.

          • Consistory: Will Vander Ploeg
          • Members:

          The discipleship team exists to equip and unleash people as disciples who make disciples in the world.

          • Consistory: Adam Boone
          • Members: