Youth Group Updates – June

As the summer months approach us, we are incredibly excited about the many opportunities that our youth will be able to experience during this season! We have many events this summer to be aware of beginning with the high school lock-in on June 12 followed by the hog roast fundraiser on June 13 for the high school mission trip. The high school mission trip to Colorado will be July 25 through August 4. We will be having meetings for this trip on June 27 and July 11 & 18. Our middle school students will also have the opportunity to go on a mission trip of their own to Des Moines and Pella, IA. This trip will be from June 23-27. For both the high school and middle school trips, the students will be partnering with ministries from their respective areas. 

We are all excited for this summer and for the opportunities that the Lord is giving our youth!