New Mobile Food Pantry

Trinity’s Local Needs Team is excited to begin offering a monthly mobile food pantry to the Orange City community on August 23. Food insecurity is a challenge for many families in our community and we want to meet people where they are at and offer them support on a monthly basis.

There are two ways for the congregation to become involved with Trinity’s mobile food bank.

1. First, we need donations. While the Local Needs Team has been hugely blessed by your generosity in recent months and plans to use some of the money raised to launch the food bank, we know that to turn this into a long-term, thriving ministry we will need ongoing support. This first month we are asking for monetary donations and/or excess garden produce. There will be a box to collect donations by the sample box in the church lobby, and garden produce will be collected at church during the week of August 16-23. As we refine our offerings, we will begin sharing specific items that can be donated from month to month.

2. We also need volunteers to package boxes. If you’re interested in volunteering, please sign up HERE.

Thank you for your support of this exciting new way to support our community!