Youth Group Updates – June

The summer season is finally upon us!  School is out, students are free, and baseball season is right around the corner!  Normally, the summer is an exciting time for the youth program, as we begin to make the final preparations for our summer mission trips in July.  Unfortunately, like most things during this time of COVID-19, plans are apt to change.  Sadly, the plug has been pulled on both our middle school and high school mission trips, leading to this season looking a little different than normal.

As much as it saddens us that these trips have been cancelled, we are still looking forward to interacting with Trinity’s youth in whatever capacity we can.  As restrictions begin to lift, be on the lookout for emails and notifications from us about possible gatherings and service opportunities.  Our hope is to host some bonfires with small groups of students, serve local ministries during this time of need, and perhaps even plan a lock-in or two on the church property.  Though we can’t give you any specific dates at this point in time, be sure that we are working hard to plan these events and get them on the calendar.  Blessings to you all!