Youth Group Updates – October

September has come and gone, and it was filled with lots of great ministry moments. We started the school year with an awesome time of fellowship between teens and their parents at the kick-off event. Then we walked through a teaching series on what it means to be free in Christ. We had 4 students step across the line of faith and accept Jesus as their savior as a result of that series. We also had dozens of other students re-commit themselves to walking in the faith and to being discipled by those who are further along in the faith. We give God praise and glory for the work He is doing in our midst!

Next Series

Now it’s October and we have many more opportunities to make Jesus known to our students. We’re diving into the book of Revelation in youth group this month. Should be weird and hard to understand and fun all at the same time! We also look forward to our annual harvest party coming up on October 30th. That night promises to be a whole bunch of fun!

Traveling Lock-In

Registration for the traveling lock-in is open! For more info on that all nighter and to register, click on the traveling lock-in tab on the youth page. Can’t wait to hang out with our teens and their friends for an entire night on November 16-17!