Hope Christian Sponsorship

Trinity Church Orange City Campus building at night
ABOUT The Sponsorship

The idea for a sponsorship program at Hope Christian School was realized when the dreams of two men (one from Namusaala and one from Iowa) were brought together.

Namusaala: Growing up in Uganda, Titus Baraka dreamed of having a school in his home village so girls 12-13 years old would have the option of an education instead of just marriage. Hope Christian School was later established (for girls and boys in the community), with support from Trinity Reformed Church in Orange City, Iowa and Care for Uganda in Holland, Michigan.

Iowa: In 2008, Todd TeGrotenhuis, an elementary teacher from Orange City, Iowa, visited Hope Christian School for the first time. A passion for the education of students in Namusaala quickly developed and led to the dream of a partnership with people who would pray for and financially support students. He visited Namusaala for a third time in 2018 and his passion was rekindled.

With the help of Peter Baraka (Titus’ son & Hope Christian Program Director) and Julie Andersen (contact person for connecting students and sponsors), the sponsorship was officially established in January of 2019.

About Namusaala

Many children in Namusaala grow up in a single parent home, typically with their mother. Many of these mothers could not afford schooling when they were kids, so their work options today are limited. Only able to work certain jobs, they struggle to make enough money and are unable to send their children to school. With this lack of education, the generational cycle of poverty, illiteracy, and alcoholism continues.

The Hope Christian Sponsorship Program was created with the goal to see students at Hope Christian High School get an education, graduate, and flourish in their communities, breaking these generational cycles in Namusaala. It’s our hope that these students will skillfully and zealously work with integrity in their communities, all with the main purpose to glorify the name of God.

The sponsorship program started in January of 2019 with 37 students and increased to 78 in January of 2024.  Many of these students would not be able to attend school without the sponsorship. Not only does a sponsorship support a student, but it supports their family and the community at large.

Trinity Church Orange City Campus building at night
Sponsor a Student
Your sponsorship will cover:
  • uniform
  • registration fees
  • school fees & food
  • scholastic material
  • community development

Sponsor a Teacher
New in 2024! Due to poverty in Namusaala, salaries at the school are very low. Many teachers work multiple jobs to make ends meet. They often spend their days at school and their nights working other jobs. This sponsorship makes it possible for the school to retain quality teachers, who would otherwise leave for higher paying jobs.

Sponsor a Graduate
New in 2024! Sponsor a Hope Christian High School graduate who is furthering their education through university or trade school. Your sponsorship will cover a student’s tuition for the year.

One-Time Donation
Consider a one-time donation to help pay off outstanding balances on student accounts.


For more information, contact:

Julie Andersen