Welcome!  We are so glad that you are joining us for this discipleship journey!  We are praying God does a good work in us as we practice His presence this fall!  This is where you’ll want to be!  All things fall discipleship will be here.  Everything you need to participate in the weekly spiritual practices will be here.  Check back often as it will be updated weekly.

Friends, engaging spiritual practices is not about perfection, but about practice!  It’s not about striving; it’s about surrender.  It’s really about our diligence and commitment to showing up regularly and inviting God to be faithful to do His part.  Spiritual practices are about surrendering and giving God access to our heart and mind.  Will you join us in surrendering this next eleven weeks to Him and see how He might show up in our practice?

As we begin, the practice of meditation will be the first.  Meditating on God’s Word is a foundational spiritual practice that informs and directs many of the other practices.  The reading plan below is meant to help us meditate on God’s word throughout the Resilient Faith sermon series.  God’s word is the nourishment that equips and empowers us to live the life of a resilient disciple.  Allow God’s word to direct you as you listen for the ways God is inviting you to practice and apply each week’s spiritual practice.  Grateful you are here!  Let’s do this!

Ephesians Reading Plan

Spiritual Practices