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Climate Witness Project

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Creation Care Toolkit

Click here to view Faithward's Creation Care Toolkit. Faithward was launched by the RCA in 2019 to help Christians expand their imagination, take action, and deepen their love for Jesus. As the name implies, it's all about moving faith forward.

Action Steps

Reduce Plastic Waste
  • bring your own reusable bags + mesh produce bags to the grocery store
  • use reusable silicone storage bags instead of Ziplock bags
  • swap liquid soap for bar soap
  • use a reusable water bottle instead of plastic water bottles
  • swap plastic wrap for beeswax wrap or silicone food covers
  • consider shampoo & conditioner bars
  • consider using a safety razor instead of a disposable plastic razor
  • use real plates and silverware instead of plastic/paper
  • be mindful of product packaging (buy in bulk vs. individually wrapped)

Reduce Paper Waste
  • buy bamboo toilet paper and paper towels
  • use cloth towels instead of paper towels
  • sign up to join the no junk mail list
  • use Trinity's digital bulletin

Reduce Food Waste
  • compost extra food scraps
  • plan meals and write out a grocery list to reduce food waste
  • research how to properly store produce so it lasts longer
  • eat leftovers
Repair & Recycle
  • recycle damaged clothing instead of sending it to the landfill
  • before throwing something away, look online to see if it can be recycled
  • if something is broken, try fixing it before throwing out

Resist Consumerism
  • before buying, ask yourself "do I really need this?"
  • consider buying used before buying new
  • gift experiences (we already have enough stuff)
  • borrow when you can (ex: borrow a baseball glove for the season / borrow a tool that you only need to use once)

More Ideas
  • opt for products made from recycled material
  • seek out reusable options for all of your single-use products
  • swap dryer sheets for reusable dryer balls
  • be mindful of your water use (short showers, turn off water while brushing your teeth and doing the dishes)
  • walk or bike (instead of driving) when you can
  • wash your clothes in cold water
  • support local businesses and farms
  • be mindful of the chemicals in the cleaning products you use


TerraCycle // Zero Waste Boxes

Hate the idea of sending trash you can’t recycle to the landfill? From coffee capsules to plastic cutlery to the entire contents of your bathroom, Zero Waste Boxes make it possible to recycle things that are probably not accepted through local curbside recycling services.

Recycle Damaged Clothes

Recycle damaged clothing with For Day's Take Back Bag. Clothing is recycled into things like insulation, rugs, or cleaning materials.

Recycle Damaged Sneakers

Recycle old/damaged tennis shoes here. This is a free program that will compensate you for every sneaker you recycle.

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40 Day Net Zero Challenge

View the Climate Witness Project's 40 Day Net Zero Challenge here.

How to Compost

In 2020, Jamie Prescott led an instructional class at Trinity about how to compost. View a PDF with more info/instructions here. If you have any further questions, reach out to Jamie at

More resources

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Prayers & Liturgies


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