Advent 2021 - Beholding Our God

Invitation to behold

How might the practice of silence and solitude bring a sense of peace to your home and heart this Christmas season? How might beholding God in His word bring a settledness to your spirit? In the spirit of Advent and in preparation to receive our Savior King this Christmas, we invite you to engage the practice of silence and solitude from our just completed sermon series on discernment. In a season of much hurry, how might you still to behold the King?

Daily Scripture | Isaiah 40

Still and slow in silent solitude this Advent season by dwelling in Isaiah 40. You can do this individually and/or you can do it together with family and others. Receive this as a gift of holy and sacred time. The daily Scripture reading plan for the weeks of Advent have one to several verses a day. We are taking this slow, allowing us time to wonder, ponder, consider, and behold our God.

Hospers Campus | Daily Scripture

Orange City Campus | Daily Scripture

Family Advent Resources

For further once a week engagement around the candles of Advent (Hope, Love, Joy, Peace, Christ) we invite you to download and print (if you’d like), the Family Advent Guide from Lifeway and four coloring pages to go along with each week. Even if you aren’t a child and don’t have children at home, you can receive and utilize this tool in the spirit of childlike faith.

Weekly Advent Guide

Coloring Pages

Social Media Fast

Along with our invitation to still for solitude during Advent, we invite you to fast from social media! Beginning Sunday Nov 28 through Christmas. If we are stilling to behold our God, how might removing ourselves from the chatter and clatter of social media add to the still, the settledness, and peace? What might the impact be to your relationship with God and others? Our hope in the disconnection is space for deeper connection with what matters most: our relationship with God and others. What better time to disconnect for connection than the Christmas season?!