Cary Trip Nears Return

Our mission team in Cary is on the homeward journey this weekend.  What a great experience.  Leader Michael Andres took time to text this yestrerday:

Done with work projects. Amidst the brokenness we have found hope and joy in Cary. Team labored with CCC this week painting a ramp for elderly disabled lady, Joan spoke to new teen moms about depression, Michael spoke about Christlike use of power to young leaders and interns, and our team led morning staff devotions with kids acting out Paul’s confrontation of Peter in Gal. 2 – that separating racially/culturally is against the gospel. Kids all made friends with locals and don’t want to leave. But leave we must, this AM, for civil rights museum in Memphis. Thanks for all the prayer and support… Trinity has been well represented!

And… Pictures….: